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    • -Leads to a better relation based on respect and trust between health care professionals and their patients
    • -Aims for an agreement over solutions and share responsabilities with the patient
    • -Educational and easy to understand information designed for accessibility
  • -Prevents and promotes health care through patient education

Patient centered approach


We believe it is necessary for health care providers to have an approach revolving around therapeutic listening, prioritizing empathy, compassion and comprehension. Doing so, impels the caregiver to consider a pathology not only by its biomedical aspects, but also by its cultural and social aspects. Communication thereby becomes key in the interpersonnal dynamic developped between individuals. Patient centered design allows us to meet those needs.

If we consider patient psychology and behavior, design gives us the means to create solutions to popularize complex explanations and make information accessible for the patient, allowing him to make informed decisions, which offers satisfaction and reassurance. Understanding and being able to express oneself provides a better experience for the patient, which in turn points to a better attitude towards recovery. In short, information exchange is the foundation of a strong therapeutic alliance.

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