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    • -Offers an efficient dialog for adequate care
    • -Adduces a clear understanding of the intended message
  • -Ensures a fluid information processing in the project

Communication design


At IDE3S, communication design is our core mission. With the booming of the health information technologies, communication has become a major concern for health care providers.

Communication design provides the means to coordinate human and technical concerns, make the invisible visible and successfully deliver your message. It involves evaluation, reflection, selection and organization of a series of elements, be it textual or graphic, to generate clear, efficient and visual communication means.

The theory behind all this is supported by notions of context, history, expectation, objective, value, priority, feeling, preference and cultural difference. Consequently, it affects the knowledge of users, modifying their behavior and generating a reflection on their side. Hermeneutic analysis also plays a role in this, studying the conversational dynamics for a solution that favors open mindedness and efficient information exchange.

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